Empire Windrush Ocean LIner carrying West Indian migrants to Britain in the 1950's.

Jesus – The Ikon of Justice One

Welcome to the Society St Columba’s Blog/Podcast. SSC is a new monastic community in the South Downs of England dedicated to encountering Jesus Christ in community and creation. In this first of this two part mini series entitled Jesus the Ikon of Justice – Greg Valerio explores how the Imitation of Christ and an understanding of the nature of the Trinity shapes our understanding of justice and righteousness in the Christian faith.

The liminal walk to Bury Holmes, west Wales.

New Monasticism Three

In the third part of this series of three blogs on new monasticism, Greg Valerio explores the idea of the importance of place in new monastic practice, and that liminal geography is foundational to the encounter with God in Celtic Christian spirituality.