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Greg Valerio

The liminal walk to Bury Holmes, west Wales.

New Monasticism Three

In the third part of this series of three blogs on new monasticism, Greg Valerio explores the idea of the importance of place in new monastic practice, and that liminal geography is foundational to the encounter with God in Celtic Christian spirituality.

Lightning Strike in Dark Mountains

The Call to (W)Holiness

In the final blog of the Reawakening our Origins series, Greg Valerio explores the relevance of St. Columba’s rhythm of prayer, work and reading for the Christian life. Given the chaos and corruptions of the world, the journey towards our true home in Christ requires us to start all over again.

The ceremonial cross of the Society of St. Columba - a Monastic Church at Chanctonbury, West Sussex.

The Monastic Church.

In the second of three blogs entitled Reawakening our Origins, Greg Valerio examines the characteristics of the British & Irish Monastic Church. Characteristics that focus on Discipleship, Imitation of Christ and geographical location of our spiritual practice.