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Society of St. Columba

The Ceremonial Cross of the Society of Columba

Letter to Tom and Josie

In this open letter to Tom and Josie, Pete Cross one of the Society St. Columba’s members expresses his hopes for greater social justice and equity in the land through the practice of new monasticism at Great Barn Farm. This letter is unedited and published in its entirety.

Ancient Drovers Way at Pennant St Melangell

Reawakening Our Origins

Greg Valerio one of the founders of The Society St Columba reflects on faith, new monasticism, Celtic Christianity and how reawakening our origins in God is important to starting again with a life of hope in the Jesus of peace, justice and hope.

The liminal walk to Bury Holmes, west Wales.

New Monasticism Three

In the third part of this series of three blogs on new monasticism, Greg Valerio explores the idea of the importance of place in new monastic practice, and that liminal geography is foundational to the encounter with God in Celtic Christian spirituality.