Prayer Resources

Prayer is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is the foundation upon which we build our life our Christ, and it is the final breathe we breath as we make our final journey home. Prayer is the intimate conversation we hold with our Father and is the ground of our soul on which we learn to listen.

SSC Night prayers are very simple. They require three things:

  1. You take your time – be intentionally slow
  2. You find a special location – be alone in separate place
  3. You turn up

Below are a series of posts (one for each day of the week) in which you will find a simple order of prayer and contemplation that includes:

  1. A psalm
  2. A Gospel
  3. A period of silence
  4. A concluding prayer

We’ll be publishing further weekly prayers, each set centred around one chapter of a Gospel that we invite you to pray with us. Through praying the scriptures the Word of God begins to form within us. Each night is designed to take around 30 minutes and can be entered into alone or in a group.


Monday’s prayer begins a week of praying through John chapter 15. Take time to meditate on the words. Or if you are inclined learn them.

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Tuesday prayers focus on being grafted into the vine, Jesus the true vine. Our primary job is to remain in Christ.

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Wednesdays prayer leads us into abiding in Gods love. This is the greatest commandment.

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Today we arrive in love. No longer a distant servant, but a friend. The love of God is drawing closer…

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Which world do we choose to live in? The closer to God we draw, the less room there is for living in two worlds. Could it be that the love of God is the truest reality we can discover?

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God’s love is as passing into the deep mystery of the Divine. A mystery the world cannot fathom. is it any wonder then that those who walk this path are deeply misunderstood.

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There can be no better satisfaction for the soul that to rise up on the thermals of love. Closer and closer to the source of all life.

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